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Buy Local Norfolk is really excited to be supporting GoGoHares 2018 as part of The Friends of Iceni GoGoHares Collective.

Our hare, BoudiccHare, is part of the ever popular Wild in Art programme, which brings public art to the streets of Norwich throughout June. This year, the GoGoHares 2018 sculpture trail is supporting one of our other members, Break.¬†This is the third time Break has partnered with Wild in Art to present a major public art event. Anyone who’s seen the trails in previous years – GoGoGorillas and GoGoDragons – will know we’re all in for a true spectacle when the sculptures hit the streets.

We wanted to get involved because we think the spirit of GoGoHares is perfectly in line with Buy Local Norfolk’s ethos. It’s about bringing local businesses together in a positive way. Companies, and groups like The Friends of Iceni Collective, sponsor the hares to help raise money for charity. By doing so, they are also connecting with local communities and bringing vibrancy to Norwich’s city centre.

There is a real sense of community around the whole event. Many of the hares have their own social media account (follow @BoudiccHare on Twitter now!). There areplenty of opportunities throughout the project for people to show their support. Above all, it’s a lot of fun!


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