Coronavirus and the impact on local independent businesses

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Last Thursday, the government announced a range of measures – backed by scientific advice and fact – to combat the spread of coronavirus. Unfortunately, although businesses expected some knock-on effect, the public’s reaction to misinformation on social media has undermined this advice. Things have blown out of all proportion. And now, the media are fuelling the fire by publicising…

NFN Duck visiting the Vintage Broadsman

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Well, I didn’t have to batten down the hatches while I was chewing the fat with my old mates aboard the Vintage Broadsman. What a first rate trip we had and, even though some of our party were a bit groggy, there weren’t too many concerns about what we could do with the drunken sailor!…

Help, I need a Voice Over!

You may not have stopped to think about it but just about everything talks to you these days. From automated machines to transportation systems, from audiobooks to navigation, and from the checkout till to just about anything and everything online – there are real voices helping you out everywhere. (more…)