Supporting Local Businesses that Really Care

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Supporting Local Businesses that Really Care

Supporting Local Businesses that Really Care

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

This phrase was once spoken by Winston Churchill and here at Nu Image we fully believe in these words. We are all about giving back what we can and we are proud to support businesses that make a positive impact on the world we live in. We have the privilege of working with some amazing clients that work tirelessly to give back what they can to important causes, so we thought why not shout about them, because we feel that what they do deserves some recognition. 

Supportive House Clearance:

Moving house can be emotional, especially if it is due to a bereavement. Anglia House Clearance provides a professional house clearance service as well as understanding that this process will be hard on the bereaved. The team at Anglia House Clearance always put the needs of their customer first, even if it means that the removal service takes longer than expected, they will always go the extra mile. 

We fully support this ethos and believe that any business that puts their customers at the heart of everything they do is a business worth working with. We designed their website with this in mind, ensuring that the colours were inviting and friendly and that the site was easy to navigate. The navigation was something we wanted to ensure was as stress free and easy for anyone using the site as possible.

Sustainability Focussed:

Our client Dr Stump is really into his sustainability, which for us is a cause worth mentioning. Offering a professional tree removal service means that there is a lot of machinery involved. To combat this effect on the environment, they use bio chain oil, aspen fuel that emits 98% less harmful emissions and also electric saws, trimmers and cutters to reduce noise pollution. Incorporating these machines into their business means that they are not only helping their customers but they are contributing to a much wider cause, which is saving our environment. 

For us we knew it was paramount to include a section on the website dedicated to their sensitivity to the environment. So we did just that, incorporating a section to the homepage that promotes this, without taking away from the services that they offer. We used a different design to the services so that there was no confusion as to what services they provide. We made sure to use white space around these sections and implemented a bold title so that users are drawn to specific points. We love learning about the environment surrounding trees. With help from Dr Stump we pour our love for this subject into the blogs we provide for them, making sure to promote what is best for the trees and their environment.

Trusted Providers to the NHS:

Meltemi are healthcare specialists that provide and manufacture professional workwear and as an approved NHS uniform supplier they provide a crucial service to our key workers. 

They have a passion for what they do and we are keen to share it. We work alongside Meltemi by providing them with rich and helpful content that they can publish to their website, to promote their services but also to explain why it is so important to have the correct workwear in the healthcare industry. 

Yes, like any business we work to make a living, but it is when we give back to the community that we feel our work is most meaningful. It is the feedback we receive from our clients about the services they can supply with our help that provides us with the motivation to keep doing our best to support them.

We really do have an amazing client base, who we love working with. We are always looking to support businesses that care for our communities. If you are in need of a full service agency to help  promote your services, we offer logo design, bespoke web design/creation and digital marketing. So give us a call today on 01603 859007 or send an email to [email protected] for more information on how Nu Image can help. 

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