Prioritising your eye health whilst so much time is spent on digital platforms in lockdown

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So many people in January start the new year with great promises of keeping fit, eating healthily and reducing their alcohol consumption. But how many people prioritise their eye health?

Working from home, education and even catching up with friends via video calls is vital during lockdown and many people have seen a complete change in their daily lives, as they become more reliant on digital platforms. Blue light emissions are not dangerous to the eye if it is in moderation but with time being extended on digital platforms it is important to give your eyes a break from the screen.

Local independent Coleman Opticians, in their 76th year, are used to providing knowledge to their patients on the 20-20-20 rule to improve eye health but how many people are doing it? The advice means you should stop every 20 minutes, to look away for 20 seconds to something 20 feet away and allow your eyes to focus.

Many of the patients at Coleman’s have reported difficulty in reading and increased headaches as well as poorer night vision during lockdown, and it is imperative that people should still attend their regular health checks as well as calling if they have red eye, floaters or disturbed vision.

Opticians are often missed off the essential health providers list but have been open throughout the pandemic catching many emergencies and being able to fast track them to the right department at the hospital as well as reassuring patients when all is well. Additional stress during the last year has thrown up a range of eye sight issues and the one thing people should definitely do is prioritise their sight.

Early 2020 the team invested in two OCT 3D eye scanners, giving a 3D image of the eye, enabling them to identify any changes in the patient’s eye health, enabling them to identify changes in patients’ eyes, and giving them record of any problems as they arise that can be sent to the hospital if further attention is needed.

Helen Hillis, director of Coleman Opticians, ‘It is essential that people do not put off changes in their sight during lockdown, as we can identify many health issues by seeing patients early. We have fast tracked many patients to the hospital during lockdown, and we would always encourage people to
contact us rather than ignore symptoms, as it could be serious’.

So, whilst you may be focusing on full body workouts with Joe Wicks or going outside to get your daily exercise the message is to also spend some time on your eye health during this challenging time and make this a priority.

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