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It’s that time of year again when thousands of young minds leave their family homes to start life at the UEA and NUA.

Settling into their own digs for the first time, it’s not uncommon for these new students to reach the end of a long day (or late night) to find themselves stuck outside of their new home without a key to get in.

Whether they’ve misplaced their key or managed to close a door with a Yale lock behind them, it’s certainly no surprise to pick up the phone at this time of the year to hear a sheepish student ask: ‘Can you help me get back into my house?’.

As 24-hour locksmiths, this is naturally where we’re able to step in and save the day. Regularly coming up against all of the most common and uncommon types of locks, our team are able to quickly get tenants back indoors whilst at the same time ensuring the security of the building.

Whilst this kind of thing has happened in all of the Septembers gone by, this year we seem to be especially busy with student call-outs.

In fact, it seems like this intake must leave the house and perform the following checks:

Laptop: check!

Einstein’s theory of relativity: check!

Key: Oops, knew I’d forgotten something!

On a more serious note, the team at City Locks have also been ensuring that student properties and the bedrooms inside of them remain fully secure. As it is often the case that tenants move in and out of such properties every year, and keys sometimes go un-returned, it’s certainly a good idea to get some fresh locks installed.

Whatever the case may be, City Locks are on hand to help those who find themselves caught out and unable to get in!

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