Your years of experience can add value to your website

Your years of experience can add value to your website


Your website needs to communicate more than just your services. Yes, it is important to correctly advertise your product or service in a way that is easy for users to find and use. But when it comes down to whether a customer will pick you over one of your competitors you need to have an edge, and if your business has been operating for a substantial amount of time this is just the edge that you need.


Gaining trust

Say your business has been in action for over 30 years, that’s an amazing achievement in itself! Take Burton Waters as an example, who have indeed been selling new and used boats for over 30 years. The fact that they’ve been in business for such a long time is a reassuring sign to customers, this gives customers the boost that they need to see that your product or service is valued and worth their time and purchase. 

The boating industry is not a cheap one and purchasing a boat from Burton Waters is no different so trust is a big factor when buying with them. Although their team always gives a warm and friendly welcome it is important for them to communicate the quality of their well maintained boats via their website first and foremost. But when it comes down to a user deciding whether to make such a large investment with them they need that aforementioned edge to secure the conversion. 

A way to communicate more about your business via your website in an easily navigable way is by adding an ‘about’ section. Burton Waters have done this by including a little snippet of who they are further down their homepage which links to the about page, this page is also linked to in the navigation bar. Giving consumers multiple ways to find out more about who they are if they are in need of that extra reassurance.


Giving a personable touch

With your website’s main goal being to communicate your product or service the tone of your website can sometimes fall into the trap of sounding a little too robotic. A nice way to make your website’s tone more personable is by adding a little about your business’s founding, which in turn will communicate your years of experience. 

The Fine Curtain Company does this well. As well as having an ‘about’ section on their homepage, similar to Burton Waters, they take it a step further with their ‘about’ page which takes you through a journey from their ‘humble beginnings’, moving on to a paragraph about them being family run and finishing with their main statement … They are trained ‘to perfection’! Reading through their history and how they have evolved gives The Fine Curtain Company a personal touch. Giving a little further insight into a business like this gains that all important trust and can help to guide your users into converting with you, which is your main goal.

Your industry knowledge and experience is one of your greatest assets, so use it to your advantage! Be it 30, 15 or even 1 year you should always communicate this on your website, each year added to the list is an achievement that will ultimately help you sell your product or service. Don’t be afraid to shout about your achievements and business journey, both of these things make for a more personable and therefore trustworthy service. 

If you need help communicating your years of experience through your website with your tone of voice give us a call on 01603 859007 or contact us via our email address We’d love to have a chat about any website developments or copywriting needs you may have! 


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