Employee benefits to make your business stand out

4 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Business Stands Out from the Rest

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There has been a noticeable change in office life and how employer’s look after their staff at work. Every business wants to promote the benefits of joining their company, not just the salary on offer.

It has almost become a competition amongst companies to point out what they offer that other companies may not; Swinton Insurance allow a day off for Christmas shopping, Rackspace give employees an extra day off for their birthday and Jive Software have dedicated free food days such as “Bacon Thursday” and “Hot Food Friday” – the list of unique benefits is endless.

Whilst a true, well respected company culture does not grow overnight, if you’ve been thinking about introducing some extra employee benefits into your business, we have suggested some simple ones to get you started:

  1. Spice up the tea round

At Drinklink, we’ve noticed interest in our office coffee machines range has nearly quadrupled over the last two years. We believe the interest has heightened due to employer’s striving to find new ways to retain existing staff and attract new talent. The tea and coffee round are a staple in most offices, but many companies have stepped up the game and are installing luxury coffee machines allowing staff to choose from an array of British teas, high quality coffees and indulgent hot chocolates.
Any potential employees who attend an interview at the office are too offered a drink from the coffee machine. A small luxury like this could indicate that if you are lucky enough to land the job, there could be more luxuries to come.

  1. Comfortable working environment

Taking your employees comfort at work into consideration is a quick and easy way to boost morale. The more comfortable staff are made to feel, the longer they can work and the less distracted they become. We’re often too busy running around and meeting customers that we find we don’t have a moment to sit down at the Drinklink office, however, many of our partners and customers have installed ergonomic office chairs to increase comfort and improve posture in the workplace. One thing is for sure, we struggle to get back up and carry on with our day after visiting them.

  1. Treat your staff

You may not be able to invest in free themed food days each week just yet, but you can start to get the ball rolling when it comes to food treats. For example, you can announce that you will be doing the run for a Friday Pie Day at the beginning of the week and then staff have the option to place an order – it’s always a treat as they’re not having to go out and get it their selves. Alternatively, as we are currently experiencing a heatwave sweeping the country, why not stock up on lollipops and ice creams in the staff freezer – this is a really inexpensive treat that is greatly appreciated by employees.

Treats don’t always have to be food or drink orientated (although it’s proven to often be the favourite). If you have an outdoor space at your office location, you could set up outdoor activities such as; swingball and table tennis. Staff members will be happy to opt for some time outside where they can soak up the sun in the summer, but it also provides them with an opportunity to take a proper break away from their computer and phone screen. Another big hit with employees is an annual BBQ, where everyone can come together to enjoy the summer weather while unwinding with a beer and some food, this is a great way for employees to build stronger relationships which will help them to work in a team and communicate more efficiently.

  1. Participate in events

It’s a known fact that most people see their work colleagues more than their own friends and family due to the number of hours that we spend at work. Therefore, it’s always good when you can form friendships with your work colleagues as well. One of the best ways to do this is by arranging out of work activities or by signing your work colleagues up to a group event. Getting involved in some type of sporting activities for charity, not only helps to shine the company in a new light, but also gives colleagues a chance to show their competitive side and work together as a team. Group activities can make a potential newbie feel more at ease about joining your company, as they can see that everyone is welcoming and that you enjoy each other’s company.

Even though salary, in most cases, remains the main factor in winning a new recruit, many people are now asking the question of “what else can you offer me?”. Make sure you have a great and honest response and are proud of your company culture. If your existing staff are happy and feel looked after in the workplace, new talent will follow. Offering easy to achieve benefits to your staff is a sure way to make sure you stand out from the crowd and retain and gain talented employee, they won’t want to go anywhere else!

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