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To make life easier for you, we have put together some PDF guides and videos in our new online Knowledge Centre to cover the most common topics and to offer our expert opinion.

All of our videos come with captions so you don’t need to watch them with the sound on, and our guides are easy to read with no complicated tech jargon!

In the Knowledge Centre you can also request a FREE copy of two books written by our Director Andy Atthowe.  The books Email Hijack and Caught in the crosshairs (explains GDPR like you’ve never heard before,  how you are under attack from pirates and the Government) cover two key IT security topics for any business.

The Email Hijack book is an essential read for every business owner and manager.  It explains complicated cyber security concepts in a way that anyone can understand.

Imagine coming back from holiday. And discovering £12,000 had been stolen from your business bank account…No matter what your turnover is, that scenario would be a total nightmare, wouldn’t it? But perhaps you’re confident that it could never happen to your business.

Well let me gently challenge that. Because I’ve seen this kind of theft happen to plenty of businesses round here.

It’s not a company insider who steals the cash. Nor someone at the bank. And it doesn’t require anyone to steal your bank login credentials.

No, this kind of theft can be set up very easily by a hacker – and all they need is to gain access to one person’s email account.

In fact, email is the number one security threat to your business. It’s where most cyber breaches start. It also reveals that these days, every business can be hacked. Because hackers don’t go after specific targets anymore. They use automated software to target ALL businesses, ALL the time.

The book also shows you how best to defend yourself and your team. There are a huge number of protective measures you could use.

But the real trick is finding the right blend that suits your business. One that protects you well, without interrupting how your staff do things (creating frustration among your staff).

If there’s another topic you’d like to see us cover in our Knowledge Centre, drop us a line at: [email protected]

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