The importance of Norfolk tourism for local businesses

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With research estimating that over 3 million people travel to Norfolk for a holiday each year and more than 40 million enjoy a day visit, tourism has an unquestionably large impact on Norwich and the surrounding countryside.

Indeed, figures published by VisitBritain last year revealed that in total, the tourist activity around Norfolk contributed more than £3b to the local economy and sustained 18% of all the jobs in the region.

At Nu Image we are lucky to work with a variety of local clients thriving in this sector. Helping to showcase all the things which make them stand out from the crowd, we’ve put together websites that make an immediate impression and allow users to make bookings with ease.

Ensuring that their online presence reflects their standout qualities, the sites we’ve created allow our clients to tell their unique stories whilst driving business. Such relationships are clearly becoming increasingly important now that 80% of tourists prefer to do their research and make bookings online.

One local client that has enjoyed increasing popularity online is Norfolk Broads Direct (NBD). Offering boating holidays and waterside cottages in the Norfolk Broads, the business joined forces with Nu Image in 2013 and we’ve celebrated success together every year since.

Crunching the numbers, we’re proud to celebrate the fact that online bookings have increased by over 77% since our relationship began. In the same time, the amount of traffic has grown by 873% through improved search positions in Google and an ever-increasing audience across their social media channels.

A testament to the fantastic work carried out by the team at NBD and user-friendly site design, there’s no doubt that those visiting Norfolk are keener than ever to take care of their bookings online.

Another of our clients, Grand UK Holidays, is a Norwich-based provider of coach trips that has over 120 employees on their books and have been providing tourists with exceptional experiences around Norfolk and beyond for more than thirty-five years.

“Sally Hubble-Buttonhead of marketing for Grand UK Holidays, attributes the popularity of the area to the fact that ‘Norfolk has a lot to offer, from varying coastal resorts to quaint rural retreats and a capital rich in history with two cathedrals. We’re not surprised that tourist and visitor rates continue to climb for Norfolk, and that many holiday-goers choose to return here year after year.’

Whilst Grand UK provides a variety of trips which both depart from and explore Norfolk for the over 55s, fellow operators Sunrise Direct offer itineraries around the region for passengers of all ages.

Of great importance to Nu Image, tourism in Norfolk generates an exciting variety of business and collaboration possibilities that have hugely positive implications for the local economy.”

If you work in the tourism industry, or indeed any industry at all, and would like to know more about the services we provide at Nu Image, please feel free to contact us on 01603 859007 or [email protected]

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