Inspirational Christmas signage ideas to drive footfall and sales

Want to freshen up your promotional signs to attract more attention this Christmas? Read on to find out what you can do to drive sales this festive season.


Thanks to the pandemic, attracting customers into your business’ premises has likely been a bit of a struggle in recent years. But now that things are back to normal, this festive season is promising to look a little brighter. So, what can you do to ensure customers enter your business this Christmas, and how can you promote sales once they’re there?


Make Christmas easy for your customers

Christmas can be a stressful time when it comes to finding the right gifts or getting all the supplies in for the festivities. Many of your customers will be looking for businesses like yours to provide inspiration, which means that the right eye-catching signage can really pay off when it comes to encouraging people to part with their money. Once in store, harried Christmas buyers will want the actual buying process to be as quick and easy as possible, so you need to flag up key products and position them in the most logical and eye-catching places. For all of this to work, you therefore need to think about long-range, mid-range and short- range promotional signage.


Long-range Christmas promotional signs

Long-range Christmas promotional signage is focused on encouraging customers into stores. This means you will need to make a statement on the highstreet or forecourt and tempt them to come inside.

Pavement signs can be a great way to do this. A bold design can catch the eyes of passers- by, and a strong message will give them the encouragement they need to step in. If stores are located in a particularly busy area, you could step things up a bit with a boost pavement sign. These signs will give your brand a bit more height (and therefore range) when it comes to getting the message across. They’re perfect if your sign needs to compete with others on a busy street.

But what kind of message and design should you go for if you want to drive footfall?

Offers can be particularly enticing at this time of year, so think about promoting a particular discount or saving using your pavement signs. If you’re producing a limited edition festive product, such as a mince pie-flavoured coffee, pavement signs can also be useful for highlighting the special treat.

Signs that pique curiosity are also useful, so think about how you can use this to your advantage. For instance, could you do a 12 days of Christmas or advent promotion with a different product being highlighted every day? Your sign can then tempt potential customers inside to find out what today’s offer is.

In terms of your design, team your branding with traditional festive colours (red and green) or tap into current trends for a modern colour scheme. In 2022, natural tones, lavender and blue and gold are very much set to be on-trend for Christmas.

Customising the shape of your long-range Christmas promotional signs is yet another way to make sure your brand and business stands out for festive shoppers. Here at BDH Tullford, we can customise pavement signs and boost pavement signs to all kinds of shapes for greater impact, whether you opt for a Christmas tree, a festive coffee cup or Father Christmas.


Mid-range Christmas promotional signs

Congratulations! You’ve nudged people inside across the threshold thanks to your outdoor signage. It’s now time for mid-range Christmas promotional signs to work their magic.

Once inside, customers need things to be straightforward, so encourage stockists to group related items and place them in the same section. It goes without saying that the best-selling and highest margin products also need to be placed in the areas of highest traffic and in places that automatically draw the eye. Speak to your stockists about maximising visibility
wherever possible.

To do this, you may want to think about introducing free standing display units (FSDUs). These are great for putting a particular product front and centre. To up the ante, we can customise them into fun festive shapes, such as presents, Christmas trees, ski chalets or gingerbread houses.

If you’re working with café, bar or restaurant businesses, you may also like to think about displaying seasonal menus. For instance, display festive flavours and treats to choose on magnetic wall board. These can be produced in festive designs and allow stockists to quickly
and easily swap out different menu items without any fuss or cleaning.

Mid-range signage can also include fun festive activities that can be shared onlines. For social media-obsessed customers, we can help you to design and print fun festive Instagram frames for people to snap and share on social media.


Short-range Christmas signage

Once customers have explored a store, many will go to the tills to pay.

This is a great opportunity to get a few more of your products or offers in their line of sight.

Cash desks are perfect for promoting high-revenue but lower value items or spontaneous purchases. Countertops are also perfectly positioned to flag up any additional offers or services the customer may have missed.

This is where countertop display units come into their own. These can be as simple as a container with leaflets or loyalty cards (a great method of getting people to return, especially if you offer a freebie after a certain number of visits).

But you can also level up and go for a real statement piece. For instance, we created 3D dog kennel and theatre display units for our clients at Marshfield Farm, something that could be easily adapted into a festive house, present or ski chalet to promote one of your Christmas products.

These are just a few suggestions as there are a whole host of other POS display options available. Simply get in touch with us to find out more.


Want to discuss your Christmas signage needs?

If you’re planning your festive promotions, get in touch with us to discuss different signage options and design ideas. Contact us on or by calling 01603 620780.

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