How to keep your business secure

With 2020 drawing to a close, it’s no surprise that many businesses are taking this time to close for a much needed break. Whether you’re closing for the public holidays or lucky enough to enjoy time off from before Christmas through to the New Year, it’s essential to ensure you’re planning ahead to keep your business secure during this downtime.

Whilst many of us are enjoying the festive season, opportunists use this unique occasion to exploit empty properties, shorter days and quiet streets in the search for insecure buildings. It’s said insurance claims soar during December for this very reason. 

Follow our top tips to keep your business secure, not only for Christmas but every day of the year. 

  • Don’t let the basics slip

After a turbulent year, it’s not surprising that many of us are excited to close up shop and enjoy some downtime, but don’t let this excitement allow standards to slip. Rushing to be finished on the dot of closing time may mean checking windows and doors are locked is the last thing on your mind, however neglecting the basics can invalidate your insurance. 

If you have alarm systems in place, check these are still working before the final day of the year. Leaving a premises without adequate security measures is a risk, especially for businesses located rurally.

  • Secure your equipment 

Whether you’re a high street shop or a business on a retail park, hiding valuables is key to avoid a break in. If high ticket items are in plain sight, the temptation is too palpable for burglars. Use safes, locked storage cupboards and secure warehouses to secure expensive items.

If you have any items that are more difficult to hide, ensure shutters or blinds are closed to prevent them from being seen. 

  • Light up 

Install good quality lighting around the perimeter of your premise. It may seem counterintuitive to light the way for a potential criminal, however opportunists are much less likely to attempt a burglary in full view of passers by and CCTV cameras. 

  • What to do if the the worst happens

Should a break in occur during this festive season, your first port of call will indeed be the local police department. Next, you’ll want to repair any broken locks so your property isn’t left vulnerable. City Locks Norwich continue operating 24/7 365 days of the year – and yes, that includes Christmas Day! We will quickly and efficiently repair or replace broken locks if they have been damaged during a break in. 

On top of this, our sister company Norwich Glass Company are also on call 24/7 if you experience any vandalism or robbery. The team can board up broken glass windows and doors and offer replacement glass and installations so your property looks 100% again. 

As always our teams’ priority is always to ensure the safety of your property and to protect that inside of it. Contact our friendly locksmiths on our 24hr emergency line 01603 409181. Or, if you’re looking for speedy glass replacement, contact Norwich Glass Company on 01603 407071. 

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