FreeClix launch SimRush 5G: Ultrafast broadband service for forward thinking businesses

FreeClix launch SimRush 5G: Ultrafast broadband service for forward thinking businesses  

Norfolk based ISP, FreeClix, have recently launched SimRush 5G, a unique 5G broadband product that is perfect for businesses who need a reliable connection with minimal lag time.

The internet service is capable of providing download speeds of more than 300 Mbps in and around Norwich. It comprises an external broadband router with multiple long range antennas to ensure an ultrafast service is delivered where 5G is available, and an internal router with the best dual-band built in WiFi for extremely high speed wireless connectivity.    

But that’s not all.  

Not only is SimRush 5G compatible with all UK 5G networks, it is also backwards compatible with the 4G LTE mobile network. When on 4G, SimRush 5G can still produce amazing broadband speeds of up to 100 Mbps. These faster speeds are possible because of the powerful CAT 20 4G LTE chipset on the external antenna.  

This gives two brilliant advantages of using SimRush 5G as your primary connection:

1) You have automatic failover to 4G built into your broadband set up so you won’t go offline.   

2) You can still use SimRush 5G to get excellent speeds using just the 4G network if you don’t have 5G coverage.

So, what does this really mean?  

SimRush Co-Founder, Peter Freeman, discusses the benefits of using the business grade broadband system, SimRush 5G in Norfolk:  

“SimRush 5G is a fantastic way of getting exceptional broadband speeds in rural areas. We recently upgraded our customer, The Gunton Arms, who are over 8 miles away from the nearest 5G area, to SimRush 5G and saw huge improvements in their internet connection. They can now achieve a much faster average broadband speed of 90 Mbps download!”  

“We are extremely pleased with the performance of SimRush 5G across the UK. But as a Norfolk based company, we are even more delighted to see that it is also benefitting businesses in the local area. For those with 5G coverage the improvements are vast. 5G mobile technology offers extremely low average latency, meaning the amount of lag experienced when using the internet is minimal. It’s the ideal solution for businesses who are reliant on a strong connection to keep their business functioning and productive. The built in 4G failover provides an extra layer of security and reduces the likelihood of downtime.”  

“We’ve seen a big increase in the amount of enquiries from larger businesses with leased lines who cannot afford to risk the negative business implications from an internet outage. SimRush 5G is the perfect solution for these businesses. We recently proved this by helping a business that had a prolonged leased line outage to get their 25 staff and connected devices back online within just a couple of days of their initial request. They were able to maintain their workforce productivity and keep their phone services working by rapidly deploying SimRush 5G.

SimRush 5G has additional appeal for business users due to the unique Static Public IP addressing service that’s available. This cost-effective fixed IP solution enables remote access to CCTV, web servers or a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service which is a must for most larger businesses.  

SimRush 5G is available to buy now from FreeClix, the UK SimRush Master Distributor. Please click here for more information regarding the product range and a comprehensive guide to everything 5G.  

“5G network coverage is growing all the time and we are seeing more and more incredible speeds that are rivalling those of traditional broadband services. SimRush 5G enables businesses to get faster broadband speeds and improved reliability, whilst also future proofing their connection for years to come.”  

Use a coverage checker to find out if you’ve got 5G network coverage in your area now! 

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