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Over the years, we have come across some fantastic organisations and individuals who are right behind the Buy Local Norfolk ethos. However, for one reason or another, they’re not eligible to become a member.

That’s why we’ve introduced a Buy Local Norfolk Supporter Membership. We hope this will provide a route for non-eligible organisations and individuals to show their support for our cause and our members.

View our current list of supporter members here.

What is a supporter member?

A supporter member is a definable individual, group or organisation (one with a generally recognisable brand or title) which meets our criteria for membership and shares our pride and passion for the brilliant county of Norfolk.

A supporter member would typically be a public sector, community or social enterprise organisation. It cannot be a for-profit organisation as that would make it a business entity and the normal rules and fees for membership would apply.

Examples of supporter member could be: MPs, Local/District/County Councils, Norfolk Knowledge, New Anglia LEP, The Norwich Lanes etc.

Supporter requirements:

  • Not-for-profit
  • Agree with the aims and objectives of Buy Local Norfolk
  • A desire to help and support Buy Local Norfolk and/or its members.

Supporter benefits:

  • Attend the networking meetings
  • Details on our Supporter Member page
  • A limited number of supporters able to exhibit at BLN events such as our Expos held at The Forum, and The Royal Norfolk Show
  • Listed on our supporters page in the paper directory
  • Display of the Buy Local Norfolk supporters logo on your website and other documentation.

What does it cost?

Supporter membership is free of charge. However an application, you will be asked “what are you prepared to do to help and support Buy Local Norfolk and/or its members?”. A board decision will be made with regards to the application.

Membership will be reviewed on an annual basis by the directors of Buy Local Norfolk, and renewed if the requirements of supporter membership are still being met.

Supporter Director:

There will be an opportunity to join the board of Buy Local Norfolk as a Supporter Director. To be eligible, the requirements are 2 years’ membership as a support member, voted on by two existing directors. Term of 1 year only, renewable at the AGM.

Want to become a Supporter Member?

Please email [email protected] with an introduction and we’ll be in touch.

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