Norfolk Gin

Norfolk Gin is sold in white ceramic bottles and can be refilled

Norfolk Gin was the first gin in Norfolk for many decades.

Sold in many independent retailers and directly to the licensed trade

Jonathan has been making Norfolk Gin, using good quality neutral spirit and combining this with a range of botanicals using a bathtub method since 2015. His wife Alison will joined him full time this June.

Norfolk Gin is a unique and extraordinary gin, truly handcrafted in Norfolk. It is made using the traditional “bath tub” method, of infusing natural botanicals slowly at room temperature in high quality spirit.
Naturally the King of the botanicals is Juniper, without which it would not be gin, green cardamon is the Queen helped along by a few knaves and a bit of citrus peel.

How long it all soaks in the bathtub is closely controlled by timed sampling and testing. Once perfect it is drawn out of the tub into hand made ceramic bottles or decanters from Wade in Stoke on Trent. Each bottles is filled and sealed by hand, and carries a unique batch and bottle number. There are only 24 bottles in each batch.
The result is a fantastic gin, carrying a gentle tint from the infusion, and with a bold flavour, piney Juniper nose, citrus and floral all at once with a long pleasant and satisfying finish. Great in all classic cocktails and a few of her own.
Norfolk Gin went on sale in June 2015 and can be found in an expanding number of independent outlets across the United Kingdom and on line.
Hope you enjoy it
best wishes
Jonathan and Alison 

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