James Barley Healer

James has been healing for over 30 years. He is a fully qualified healer with The Healing Trust and is a trustee, mentor and regional committee member for the Charity.

James acts as a healing channel that allows energies to flow through him to the recipient, which helps to realign physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. And in so doing helps the patient release blockages within their energy system thus allowing them to work in harmony again and assist in restoring health and well-being. At the subatomic level, we are all made of energy, and this is where healing commences.

When our energy is unbalanced or depleted – often triggered by a life event – we become misaligned to our Divine blueprint, this can result in stress leading to dis-ease and illness. A healing session may intuitively enlighten the recipient as to the cause or causes that triggered the initial complaint and if the person starts to take steps to address the cause this will, in turn, help the whole healing process.
Energy flows to where intention goes.

More information and appointment booking is available on James’s website

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