Norfolk Brewhouse

Norfolk Brewhouse create distinct ales and lagers, brewed with passion in north Norfolk using water from our own well and East Anglia’s finest malting barley.

Our lagers called StubbleStag and DewHopper and our ales Moon Gazer – are named after the majestic brown hare – StubbleStag being the Norfolk name for a hare!

The Norfolk Brewhouse is owned and run by Rachel and David Holliday – a couple with a passion for crafting distinctive, high-quality beers.

Our brewery has breathed new life into a redundant old barn, on the family farm, in North Norfolk.

Its rural setting – right in the heart of the country’s finest malting barley region – is just the start.

We make the most of all that is around us – using chalk-filtered water from the brewery’s own well and Norfolk’s finest malting barley. Incidentally, we feed the brewing grains back to some very grateful cows.

Even the names of our beers – Moon Gazer Ale and StubbleStag premium lager – were inspired by the wildlife around us, reflecting as they do the stunning sight of wild hares transfixed by the moon.

All great stuff, but add to this some modern thinking, modern hop varieties, nifty innovation and some very up-to-date brewing kit and you get hand-crafted beers which ensure that every drop is as good as the last.

That’s why – when it comes to great beer – Taste Defines Us.

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