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Well, I didn’t have to batten down the hatches while I was chewing the fat with my old mates aboard the Vintage Broadsman. What a first rate trip we had and, even though some of our party were a bit groggy, there weren’t too many concerns about what we could do with the drunken sailor!
I did have a good long chat with an old Tar who I met, seems he’s been aboard ship nearly as long as I have. Seems that the Vintage Broadsman is going to host a right knees-up on the 18th, to celebrate the tenth birthday of BLN and I’m looking forward to joining the crew for what buy ventolin inhaler online australia promises to be a roaring night of fun and frolics. I wonder if my little @NelsonsChick is available. I’m sure you’ll all turn a blind eye if she did come along. Can’t have Fanny knowing too much…
Sailing on the Broads is so much better than on the high seas as the seasickness is such a nuisance to me. Who could believe it? A sailor who suffers with seasickness!!!!!!! When I was a young whipper-snapper, I used to sail off the beaches out of Burnham, and I was often to be seen with my head over the side!
Must get off to see if my lovely Emma is coming. Can’t wait…

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