Authenticity, empathy and endurance – how business women’s networks support each other to fly!

This networking event was amazing, I left feeling pumped, high, empowered, and ready to take on the world and do what it takes to build the oven cleaning business. I’m started to really learn what networking is about, why it’s important and why I think in the long term it helps the person as well as the business grow!

The meeting was the best of women! Someone who has stood strong building her business through divorce, misogyny and single parenthood. Someone who discovered her talent with a paintbrush by chance and who now, among other things transforms children’s bedrooms with murals. An event organiser who brings together people with different skills, businesses and resources to run huge shows and events! One woman had toured round Africa, avoiding sickness and kidnap! One was a real life Disney princess who had won a business award and been on tour with Take That! There was also a woman who balanced self-employment in her PA business, employment, raising a family as well as running brilliant networking events! All amazing women, all expressed fears and doubts, but it was the last one who shared her story that I believe really bonded the group and I know left me feeling inspired and extremely moved.
This lady started her story by suggesting that her story didn’t really compare with the others, that hers wasn’t that impressive – judge for yourself lovely reader! This woman had served as a helicopter pilot in the RAF, she saved lives in a male dominated world with her skill at flying in difficult and dangerous conditions. She told us that because there were so few women pilots that the only option was to wear a male flight suit! She showed herself to be a woman with real courage, brains and determination who clearly valued her family and relationships much higher than money. While she was talking it was plain to see how her eyes sparkled with intelligence and determination, at one point though this changed. As she described more recent challenges her emotions clearly showed, strange to say but I could feel the energy from the group willing her on and emoting support. I know my eyes filled up at that point, I know I admired the depth of her emotional courage and I know I am really glad to have been at that meeting and met her!

Vicky – Anglia Oven Care

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