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Pensions: Do you know your options for how and when you can have your money? Do you know your state pension date? Would you like me to help make sense of your annual pension statement?

Let’s have a cup of tea at my expense and I will answer these questions and any others you have

Pensions, Investments and Protection (Life Assurance, Family Income Benefit, Income Protection, Critical Illness Cover, Relevant Life Plans etc)

I really am more than happy to meet up over a nice cup of tea to see if I can help. The key thing in a relationship of this personal nature is trust, so I think it’s very important that we take some time to get to know each other, to find out if we really are happy to work together before any obligation or cost is incurred.

Feel free to get in touch with me (Martin) at any reasonable hour Monday to Saturday (01603) 700 474 or at anytime via email: [email protected]

Examples of questions I am often asked are:
When can I afford to retire?
Should I combine all my pensions into one?
Will I pay tax on my pension?
What’s the best way to help my children get on the property ladder?
How can I best protect my family from the financial impact of losing my income?

The answers to the questions above vary depending on the individual circumstances of the person concerned – which is just one of many reasons why getting good financial advice is so important.

If you’ve read this far why not pick up the telephone and get a feel for the Terry Collins Associates approach to financial advice, I think you’ll be pleasently surprised.

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