Sirelark Risk Services

Sirelark Risk Services is a general insurance broker and Appointed Representative of Ten Insurance Services. Sirelark specialises in providing risk advice and insurance broking services to businesses and individuals that is personalised and client focused, trustworthy and reliable, transparent and competitive.

Tom Jolly is Managing Director of Sirelark and its principal Insurance Consultant.

Together with the team of insurance professionals at Ten Insurance Services, Tom’s aim is to provide a risk advice and insurance broking service that is personalised, client focused, reliable, transparent and competitive.

Ten Insurance Services is a major provider of insurance solutions to small and large businesses and individuals, via a network of over 100 local community or specialist brokers, all around Great Britain.

The total number of colleagues within Ten at the time of writing (May 2019) is fifty-eight. Thirty-eight are directly involved in some way in servicing client needs or managing insurer relationships. Of this group, around twenty are directly engaged with Sirelark providing support in delivering the highest possible quality of service to Sirelark’s customers.

Ten works with a wide range of leading insurance companies and London Market Underwriters to offer appropriate insurance products to suit the budget of every client.

As Chartered Brokers, members of the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) and of the Employee Ownership Association (EOA), Ten aims for the highest ethical standards and levels of care for its customers and its team.

Five important reasons to consider Sirelark Risk Services as your risk adviser and insurance broker.

1. A powerful motivation to deliver excellent service is embedded in both Sirelark and Ten.
Both Sirelark and Ten are employee-owned so we understand what our clients go through every day. This is essential knowledge for clients seeking comfort that their insurance advisers’ hearts and minds are in the right place. A business owner is naturally much better placed to empathise with their clients’ concerns, needs and requirements.
For Sirelark and Ten to succeed as a partnership, virtually every person who contributes to delivering client service is incentivised to do the best job possible through their respective ownership interest. Together we provide a responsive, motivated and client-focused risk advice and insurance broking service.

​2. Breadth and depth in risk and insurance expertise.
Tom Jolly has 26 years of commercial business experience, 18 years of which have been in insurance advising both of the smallest and some of the largest companies operating in the United Kingdom.
Ten has been providing access to the insurance market for its Appointed Representatives since 2005. It’s footprint is nationwide and it is staffed by insurance professionals with a significant amount of industry experience.
Working in partnership with Ten, there are not many classes of insurance that Sirelark cannot help its clients with. Furthermore if we can’t help, we typically know someone who can.

3. A broad choice of insurance products to deliver the right cover at competitive premiums.
Sirelark, through Ten, can access insurance products across a broad spectrum of client needs. When we collectively cannot help, then we will say so promptly.
Over 100+ classes of general insurance products are available, however please note that there are some areas that we cannot offer advice about, including life, pensions, mortgages and investments.
Ten has agency arrangements with over 100 general insurers, ranging from the largest national and international brands, through to respected smaller, niche players who specialise in both common and less common types of insurance.
Ten is set-up to provide a wide range of product options for every client and for every quote. This multiplicity of insurance markets helps to ensure that for almost every type of client quote requirement we can usually respond successfully, providing the correct cover and at a competitive premium.

4. Transparency, honesty and conscientiousness.
Insurance broking is a regulated business, and so laws, rules and regulations are critical to how we deliver our service in a manner that protects clients.
At Sirelark we take great pride in our ethical approach to doing business. While we are a commercial enterprise, we want our clients to know that we will go above and beyond when it comes to transparency, honesty and conscientiousness when advising you and acting as your agent in the insurance market.

5. A trusted adviser.
Sirelark has been set up to be more than just a transactional insurance broker, hence the choice of trading name Sirelark Risk Services. Insurance is after all merely one of the last stages in the process of engagement between a broker and its clients, and it is not the sole outcome of the risk management process.
The most important stage in a broker-client relationship is when we learn about you and your business, and what risks you are really concerned about and want to deal with. It forms the foundation of everything that follows.
Therefore the more we understand you and your business, the better we can help you. This can be through risk management initiatives, introducing you to alternative ways to insure yourself, introductions to knowledgable and helpful people, or simply being someone to bounce your thoughts and ideas off.

Above all we want to help you better understand how to protect the valuable assets you have created, whether at work or at home. And that peace of mind can then be used as the foundation for achieving future goals, whatever they may be.

Business insurance, home and motor insurance, tradesman and public liability insurance, construction and property insurance.
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