Kerfuffle & Swish

We are a high end, slightly bonkers interiors furnishings business. We take pieces that were going to landfill and transform them into something vibrant and exciting. We produce ideas and designs for furniture and housewares that are complete one offs. We are niche and we love it!

Our collections comprise of upcycled/recycled furniture, ornaments and art. We have some antique pieces that stay as they are in their original beautiful condition but we also try to save items that have reached the end of their natural life and take them from pre-loved to re-loved.

We have based our business on the fictional, aristocratic family of Lord Kerfuffle and Lady Swish. Their family and household staff all have their own collections themed to their names and occupations, which will be released in the future, for example: Floyd Lloyd the butler and The Cosmos Collection.

We also work with a community group in Kenya who teach their members to carve and paint soapstone so that they can support their families. We will be selling some of their products on this site and passing the profits back to them to continue their work.

We hope that Norfolk will get behind our new brand and support us going forward. You never know if the person you’re talking to today is just looking for their first Kerfuffle & Swish piece and they don’t even know it yet!

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