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Investing Ethically are a firm of independent financial advisers who care deeply about ethical investment. Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds, each with a diverse range of beliefs and ethics. Our skilled team is able to empathise with these values and will share their knowledge in order to educate clients on how best to invest.

As independent financial advisers (IFAs), we have the freedom to explore, scrutinise and recommend the exciting and diverse range of ethical investment opportunities available. Above all else, our service is about you. It is about understanding and empathising with your goals and ambitions, and presenting ethically driven opportunities that are financially suitable.

Investing Ethically Ltd was established in 2000. It was founded on the Quaker principle of ethical responsibility, with each member of the team chosen because they share similar beliefs. What we have created is a family environment that allows each employee to flourish. We believe that Investing Ethically can only succeed if all members are pulling in the same direction. This is why the company is democratically run by its directors, with all decisions made with a majority at our monthly business meetings. We trust in each other and in our united values, and it is this sense of community that we are able to share with our clients.

Investing Ethically offer a nationwide service, supporting clients from our East Anglia base. The first consultation is always at our own expense and without obligation. We prefer to meet in person but on occasions where this isn’t possible, can also offer advice via email, telephone, post or Skype.

Our combined 50 years’ experience in ethical investment, is our biggest asset. This is because we work as an adviser team, giving our clients the opportunity to tap into decades of knowledge. You don’t just enlist the services of the adviser you meet; you benefit from the collective understanding of the firm.
Whereas some firms may claim to dabble in ethical markets, we have built a company on the principles of ethical investment. We are specialists, with an understanding of the industry that surpasses other firms. The fact that our advisers remain independent is extremely important, as it allows us to review each market as a whole and only ever recommend the most suitable option for you.

Passion isn’t something you usually associate with IFA’s. Instead, the relationship between adviser and client is often purely transactional, and the advice offered a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. At Investing Ethically, we value our relationships with clients above all else. Because we take the time to know you, we can offer real choice. This enables us to feel passionate about succeeding, and for our clients to reap the benefits.

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