Breckland Retail Services

Breckland Retail Services specialises in supporting businesses within the retail & hospitality sectors using world class EPOS/till software.

Our software has been developed with our customers input since 1985, so with over 10,000 configurations, we can create a bespoke configuration to work for your business at affordable prices.

The EPOS software we provide can support many businesses and have specialist setups for the hospitality and retail industries, as well as hotels, Golf Clubs, eCommerce, Warehouse and Distribution, Cash and Carry’s, if it sells something, then we can supply for it.

Whether you have a coffee shop, restaurant, a few retail shops or a boutique linked to a website, or you have dreams and plan to grow and expand, we can help you and support you, as our software will tell you exactly how you are performing with just a few clicks.

Our software is simple yet innovative and will work equally well on it’s own or connected to a head office. We have seen many businesses grow from a single store and are proud to be a part of their success.

We have recently upgraded our integration modules and are able to integrate with cloud accounting software as well various eCommerce platforms for stock and web order integrations.

As well as great software, we also offer great customer support. We believe in giving our customers the best service as possible, which is why all customers benefit from the same premium face to face service as standard.

All customers will receive on site installation, with basic training to get them started. This is arranged at a time that is convenient to them 24/7 so to reduce any downtime for their business.

The EPOS solution will be setup with items, pricing, card machine, everything needed prior to installation so that once the till is installed there will be no configuration needed to start trading.

There is always going to be some fine tuning required to get the system to work the best for you, which you’ll only discover once the system goes live. We give three months free remote support to allow us to make these changes and to give you the ‘perfect’ system. Then monthly support there after will be from £20 a month, as all the hard work has been done.

We offer support well outside the normal office hours and have a team dedicated to your business who are contactable via our support portal, email or via our most popular way, through our WhatsApp group.

Support can include in addition to troubleshooting, the addition and changing of items, which is beneficial to many small business owners who don’t have the physical time to manage this.

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