Anglia Free Range Eggs Ltd

Anglia Free Range Eggs Ltd are producers & packers of free range eggs, we can supply delicious locally produced free range eggs into the food service, wholesale & retail sectors.

At Anglia Free Range Eggs our goal is simple… to supply delicious free range eggs produced to the highest quality & welfare standards from our family of farms all located in Anglia.

Founded in 2010, we have over 250 years combined farming experience and we wanted to create a brand which delivers a superior egg for our customers as well as a fairer return to our farmers.

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Our commitment:

To our farmers… a fair pricing structure – delivering a sustainable return and hands on support from our experienced team.

To our customers…state of the art packing facilities & equipment, leading agricultural standards, innovation & technical expertise and a free range only guarantee.

To our hens…welfare guaranteed. From the purpose built hen houses to the ranges of open meadowland, enriched with trees and shrubs – all are approved by the RSPCA Freedom Foods Scheme & all there to provide as natural an environment as possible for our hens.

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