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Anglia Chiropractic and K-Laser Medical therapy, founded in 2002, is a leading Chiropractic clinic and therapy centre, where its dedicated and experienced team provides individually tailored treatment and advice of the highest standards, with evidence-based care for nerve, joint, muscle and soft tissue related conditions.

Anglia Chiropractic was set up in 2002, with the purpose of providing our clients with excellent experiences and a high standard of quality care, availability, dedication and exclusivity.

We can provide you with safe and effective treatments for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, which are individually tailored and suitable for the whole family.

Our aim is to find and address the underlying cause of your pain where possible, rather than just treating symptoms. We regularly provide both short and long-term care and advice as necessary.

As the first certified and experienced K-Laser Medical therapy centre in East Anglia, we combine a full spectrum approach with Chiropractic care, Laser therapy, sports massage therapy and exercise advice to help reduce pain, improve function and promote the physical healing of tissue to achieve optimal health, well-being and recovery.

Our K Laser Medical therapy is safe and effective, and is the most powerful, most advanced and effectively penetrating laser technology available today for therapeutic use. It is supported by an ever-increasing amount of clinical research, showing its effectiveness for reducing pain, reducing swelling and providing a quicker recovery.

We all undergo continuing professional development, work together in a positive environment and are proud to offer excellent patient-centred care, the success of which is reflected by our large repeat patient base and word of mouth referrals.

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