Why you should be at this year’s Royal Norfolk Show with Buy Local

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1. This year’s space is epic!

Due to the success of previous years, we’ve booked a bigger space than ever before! We have a corner plot that’s closer to The Grand Ring. This will bring even better footfall. We have a massive marquee, but we also have some outside exhibition space too.

2. There aren’t many chances to get your business in front of over 81,000 people over just two days

Unless your business has a shop front on a busy High Street, you’ve taken out loads of billboard advertising, or you have a super busy website, there’s no other way to get your brand in front of so many potential customers in such a short space of time. Do it!

3. It’s excellent value

You’ll be hard pushed to find a less expensive way to exhibit at The Norfolk Show. With stand space from just £225 for both days (including an entry ticket) you can be there for the same price as you might pay for a tiny sixteenth of a page ad in the EDP. And you get to actually speak to your customers.

4. We’ve taken care of a lot of the hard work for you

We’ve secured a great space, we’ve booked the marquee, we’ll supply a table if you want. It’ll all be up and ready to go when you arrive. All you have to do is bring yourself and whatever you want to brand up your space, and you’re good to go.

5. The space is flexible – we’re open to ideas

Although we’ve laid out pricing for some standard space sizes on our events page, the space isn’t fixed. If you want a larger space, or would like to team up with other members in a similar industry to create a special area within the marquee, we’re all ears.

6. Your Buy Local pals will be there to support you

If you’re there on your own but need to pop out to the loo or to grab some food, you can feel happy in the knowledge that there will be someone close by who can keep an eye on your stand. If you forget something, there’s a good chance someone else will have one you can borrow!

7. You’ll be playing an important part in flying the flag for buying locally

The Royal Norfolk Show is one of our most important local events. And yet, a lot of the stand space is taken up by national companies, or those who tour around the country selling their wares. They’re not necessarily local businesses. The Buy Local Norfolk marquee is important because it gives a flavour of what’s on offer right here in Norfolk, and you could be a part of that.

8. It’s great fun!

Just ask anyone who’s been part of the Buy Local Norfolk experience over the past few years! We’ve had floods, we’ve had sunburn, but it’s always a great event with a fantastic atmosphere. You really don’t want to miss out!

To book your space, head on over to the events page, or email [email protected]

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