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At last, I got to see my darling Emma in a break from my work with Buy Local Norfolk, publicising their jolly good work. Emma and I first met way back in 1793 but met again in 1798, when I was very unwell. After losing my arm and being totally exhausted, my beautiful Emma nursed me back to good health and she and I became very good friends ;).
Our beautiful daughter, Horatia was born in 1801 and I am so pleased to know that she became a Norfolk girl too, after marrying a clergyman, Rev Philip Ward and lived at Bircham, not a million miles from my beloved Burnham.
Darling Emma fell on hard times after Trafalgar and the Country I fought for didn’t do much for her or my beautiful little Horatia. Living life as paupers, they suffered and I am so pleased to see Emma looking as gorgeous as I remember.
If you happen to see Fanny, please don’t mention that Emma is as beautiful as ever. Fanny never forgave me for mine and Emma’s friendship.

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