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During the past 10 years, workplaces have changed dramatically.

When searching for a new role, talented people are not purely searching for a job to pay the bills. They’re searching for a company they want to be a part of, with ethics similar to their own and a place they can feel happy and valued.

This shift in workplace mentality is a welcome improvement compared to previously target driven and pressurised environments of large corporations. Company culture now takes precedent over cracking the whip as CEOs become more aware of the negative effect stress can have on their employees productivity and time off.

 Company culture and its impact on office design

Company culture is not something that can be achieved overnight, it takes more than just publishing a list of employee benefits and offering time off for birthdays. Employees can see straight through companies that are just trying to tick a box, rather than well rooted, genuine ethos and care for their employees.

As this softer approach to management permeates through the workplace, creative office design is changing too.

Instead of the hierarchy-based office layout, which sees a CEO given the largest desk and private space, workplaces reflect a collaborative approach.

At Bluespace, we have seen a huge increase in demand for softer meeting spaces, such as office pods and modular furniture booths, which can be easily rearranged to suit ever-changing requirements.

Home from home

Comfort of staff is now a priority. The importance of allowing staff to choose their working position, with the use of height adjustable desks increases productivity and reduces staff absence.

The styling and design of ergonomic furniture has improved over the past few years, meaning you can ensure your staff are comfortable and well supported whilst at their office desk, without compromising the appearance of your office.

During your first consultation with us, we will not only assess your space, but importantly the way in which you and your staff would like to use the workspace.

This enables us to design the perfect space for your business, not only to maximise your available space but to add to your company’s culture by ensuring your environment reflects it perfectly.

If you are looking to add appeal to your workplace, whether to attract new talent or to improve staff morale, call Bluespace today on 01603 722123


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