Smart Home Technology for Everyone, Not Just the 1%

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Smart Home Technology for Everyone, Not Just the 1%


How many of you reading this blog have had your car’s custom vinyl wrapped, had your living room walls covered in acoustic enhancing fabrics or have had your family initials woven into your luggage? Super high-end, luxury purchases.

Other luxurious buying questions could be, how many of you have had a suit made to measure for you on Savile Row or commissioned personalised engravings on his and her platinum gold watches? Fantasy shopping for many of us.

I recently read a magazine article that stated that my home technology business should be providing Savile Row suits not Marks and Spencer suits, made to measure, custom installed Smart Home not off the peg home tech. A bespoke solution rather than a standard option. This statement prompted me to pen this blog.

Smart Home living is no longer just for luxury homes it’s available for every home. Luxury homes are barely 1% of the housing market.

Here are some of our most common installations in our Smart Home with Speed services. Services for the 99%:

  • Voice controlled lighting costs buy ventolin over the counter less than £100.
  • App controlled heating costs less than £200.
  • Smart HD video doorbells cost less than £300.
  • Multi-room music costs less than £400.
  • 55 inch 4K Smart TV costs less than £500.

These five options above are a perfect fit for 99% of homes.

Here is the price list below for the 1% of homes:

  • Voice controlled lighting costs more than £1000.
  • App controlled heating costs more than £1000.
  • HD video intercom system costs more than £1000.
  • Multi-room music costs more than £1000.
  • 55 inch 4K Smart TV costs more than £1000.

The first list, where products cost hundreds of pounds, uses M&S like brands. Brands you have heard of like Philips, Nest, Sonos, Ring and Samsung. The products from these brands will deliver the Smart Home features you requested and perform excellently.

The second list is made up of brands you’ve probably never heard of like Crestron, Gira, Comelit, Control4 and Loewe, similar to Savile Row tailors. These elite brands are powerhouses of professional, high-end home technology and also perform to very high standards but they are out of the price range of millions of homeowners. Out of reach for the 99%.

Customised are a home technology installation business for the 99%. We’ve chosen tech that is affordable but reliable, luxurious but attainable, a good fit without being hand cut.

Get in touch with Customised today to book your free Smart Home assessment; call us on 01508 528964 or email [email protected]

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