aston shaw logoAston Shaw are independent chartered certified accountants, registered auditors, tax and business advisors. With 5 offices across East Anglia and a team of over 80 people, we have been trusted and recommended by our clients since 1969.

Aston Shaw is a rapidly growing accountancy firm in East Anglia, has appointed two new Directors, in order to create a long-term structure that addresses the firm’s ongoing expansion.

Mark Noakes and Dominic Shaw, the current director’s at Aston Shaw are keen to promote senior positions from within the firm. Long-serving Client Managers Lee Stratton, 28 and Adam Hook, 34 will take a Directorship role within the business as of August 2015. The ethos at Aston Shaw has always been to accelerate the growth and experience of younger employees, going against the accepted industry trend and this is now being reflected from the top down.

In 2005 Lee Stratton joined Aston Shaw; Adam Hook closely followed in 2006 and both qualified as Chartered Certified accountants in 2011. They both manage a varied portfolio of clients, with Lee specialising in the construction industry and Adam the agricultural sector. Both Directors will retain their current portfolio and will continue to have day to day interaction with order ventolin online canada their clients, alongside their new directorship responsibilities.

Lee Stratton, Director, commented: “I’m extremely proud to be a director of the company. After 10 years and knowing Aston Shaw inside out, I felt ready to take on the new role and help Mark Noakes and Dominic Shaw drive the business forward onto bigger and better things. Adam and I are looking forward to continuing our work with our current client portfolios, and we are both excited to be a part of the key decision making process in the company”.

Adam Hook, Director, added: “Lee and I have been part of Aston Shaw for a very long time and we both feel the time is right to make the step up. The company has grown significantly in the last few years and the structure being put in place will mean we can help grow it even further, which is something I can’t wait to drive forward”.

Aston Shaw has seen rapid expansion since the merger with Morgan Woods in 2014, and the recent takeover of Roger Hopkins in 2015. Since 2014 the company’s staff numbers have grown by nearly 50% and the number of clients has also grown by upwards of 20%.

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