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Networking, go into a room and make connections…..shine….charm….sell…show how your business can help them…..smile…..ignore the butterflies…. listen and above all show no fear!

  • I wish there was a support group for this where I could stand up and say – hello my name is Vicky and I’m a clueless network newbie! Does it come from a lack of self-belief? Or the notion that everyone except me was born experts in small talk? I attribute at least part of it to being less than 5foot in height, so when I’m talking to a group of people, typically I inhabit air space about a foot lower than others (I wonder at this moment if there is a business network for small business people who work for companies of various sizes?)
  • Am I alone in this? I really suspect not – in a church house meeting I admitted how the bit after the service – where everyone stands round chatting, making small talk, catching up with friends and getting to know new people is the part where I sometimes feel a tad shy. Actually I know I’m not alone in that….one by one everyone admitted to feeling awkward, where can i buy ventolin nebules online shy, uncomfortable and self-conscious…everyone in the group!

So what do I want? I want to fulfil my passion, build the business, meet new people. So what am I going to do? I’m going to do the only sensible thing – admit my nerves to myself, but go for what I want! Find a small group to start with and just go for it! Accept my nerves but not any limitations and most importantly really see other people and be open to learning, how people conduct themselves and conquer nerves.


  • As I write this I can feel my resolve, weighing up what I have to lose and what I have to gain. Hoping the sweaty handshake can be forgiven, hoping I can smile and think through the nerves. Here is a thought – butterflies, maybe I need to let go of them, let them be an asset something beautiful free in the room….or is that taking it too far? Regardless – look out….here comes Vicky J




Update – I did it!  Buy Local was such a warm and friendly place to start!  I stood up, introduced myself, met some interesting and lovely people and had a few ideas for the future….smiley-oven

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