Benjamin FoundationHi,

You may have seen that The Benjamin Foundation has just joined up to Buy Local Norfolk. If not, no problem, this is me saying “Hi” on behalf of the charity where I work.

Let’s do the introductions first: we’re a Norfolk charity that was set up in 1994 by Benjamin Draper’s parents following his death in a road accident. Richard and Vanessa wanted their son’s name to be remember through the charity and the work we do helping children, young adults and families. We support them with issues like homelessness and everyday things such as providing childcare. In addition we are partners to nearly 100 schools helping some of their pupils and parents who need support.

I started as Marketing and Fundraising Manager two years ago. It struck me that our charity is well-established, well run and quite large with over 200 employees. However I felt our story was not well known and this explained to me why we had so few supporters. So my challenge is to change this and I find it heart buy ventolin hfa online warming that so many people, social groups and businesses want to support our work. I think this comes from the passion many of us have to champion all things Norfolk.

This brings me nicely to Buy Local Norfolk. I met Sarah Ellis one of the Directors about a year ago. She asked me along as a guest and I found the group welcoming, informal and supportive – a good start. In thinking about how I could continue to build awareness of our charity it struck me that joining Buy Local Norfolk was a great fit. We’re all proud to live and work here and to promote the great products and services our county has to offer. So here we are, signed up, paid up and ready to go! I will be at the Forum event we have in February and hope to meet lots more of you there. If you’d like to meet for a chat just get in touch and we can fix up a time. ([email protected])

Best wishes,


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