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South Norfolk Farmer and Buy Local Norfolk member Wins Conservation Award


“Richard Wright, of R.G Wright & Sons and Leavs Packaging of Hardley, near Norwich, has been presented with the 2014 Ian MacNicol Memorial Trophy” when those words were announced at the presentation evening hosted by Farm Conservation (the Norfolk branch of FWAG – the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group) in November no one was more surprised than myself and I found myself standing in front of over 200 guests totally speechless “I never win anything”.

The prize is presented annually to recognise an outstanding contribution to conservation on farmland, so how did I end up winning an award for Conservation? 2 years ago I developed a new business Leavs Ltd producing organic void fill packaging made from farm renewable products at the same time I also embarked on a 10 year project on our farm funded by Defra. called HLS conservation scheme, for HLS Conservation we have to manage the farm to target species of wildlife on our farm from birds (Grey Partridge & Yellowhammers) to wild flowers (Marsh Orchid) to bees and a long list of other wildlife, to achieve our goals for example we plant on average buy ventolin inhaler us 5,000 hedging plants a year producing 1000 metres of new hedging a year, 1000s of metres of 6 metre wide wild flower strips around the edge of our fields for the bees to feed on, and numerous other incentives to help the wildlife on our farm thrive but at the same time we produce food to help feed the population, corn for bread or distilling into whisky or beer, sugar beet for sugar (or bioethanol) beef animals and poultry .

Apart from creating a fantastic environment to work in surrounded by a vibrant abundance of wildlife the image it portrays of the farm also links with the natural eco status of our packaging products and is a great marketing tool for our packaging.

I have to thank the judges for picking our farm for this award, it is an honour, but it is also a great endorsement we are achieving our goals and a great incentive to push further and harder to see what we can achieve in the next 2 years not only with the wildlife on our farm but also our packaging business.

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