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Swiftfit, a leading car garage in Norwich, provide free brake checks as well as other tests and services to ensure your company car is roadworthy.

Can you remember the last time you serviced your vehicle? Are you starting to notice creaks and groans coming from your car? How do you know if your car is reliable and efficient?

All questions that could be answered but won’t be provided with an expert solution unless taken to a trusted and honest garage in Norwich.

Swiftfit is a family owned and run business in Norfolk which supports the success of other local businesses. Even if said support is only helping a small area of the business, such as the performance and dependability of a company car. 

For this reason, here at Swiftfit, we aim to make our services as reasonable as possible. This guarantees that everyone, including local businesses, don’t feel the need to spend an excessive and unnecessary amount of money on ensuring their vehicle is safe and reliable.

Some of our latest deals and competitive prices include:

  • Free brake checks
  • £30 MOT tests for a limited time only
  • Front brake pads fully fitted from £55

If your company car could do with a little TLC, don’t hesitate to call us on 01603 700128or fill out our online enquiry formto book your slot today.

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