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New home technology packages from Customised

We now live in an era where speed is everything. Healthy meals cooked in 15 minutes, Norwich to London in under 2 hours and same day deliveries from online shopping are all examples of our need for speed. Super fast services have been the inspiration for the new home technology packages from Customised.

Smart Home with Speed.

Historically, smart home installations have taken hundreds of hours to design, cable, install and calibrate. You also had to be in the process of a major renovation or a new construction project to run all the necessary cables. Customised have a long heritage in these kind of developments and know that large, luxury homes will continue to require the dozens of days needed to make them smart.

When we brainstormed the idea of Smart Home with Speed we set ourselves an ambitious target of creating a Smart Home in just one day. In less than 10 working hours in the average sized home we would have to undertake a home tech makeover that would result in all the major home services receiving a smart upgrade. We’re delighted to share with you the results of this challenge, our One Day Smart Home.

The One Day Smart Home is a technology transformation of your home focusing on 7 key areas. Lighting, heating, security, home health, wi-fi, smart TV and multi-room music. Each of these areas get a boost of intelligence. Your simple light bulbs get a smart upgrade to energy efficient LED fittings with app control of colour and easy to create lighting scenes. The dumb thermostat gets the smart treatment to enable features like geofencing, voice control and intelligent heating schedules. High quality HD equipped video cameras and doorbells mean you’ve always got eyes on your home and alerts to your smartphone when people arrive. Information from your home like motion, humidity, order ventolin inhaler temperature and air quality can be used to trigger notifications, turn on devices and help you track your living conditions. These first four key areas are conveniently controlled and managed with the Apple Home app, which is already loaded on all iOS 10 equipped Apple devices. One really cool feature of it being controlled by your phone is that you can even ask Siri to control your lights or adjust the thermostat temperature.

 The final three elements of the One Day Smart Home cover connectivity and entertainment. Wi-fi coverage in your home is a genuine argument generator in some homes. We reduce wi-fi frustrations with wireless devices that cover the whole home. Having access to all your favourite TV and movie streaming services in one device makes time spent in front of your big screen a real pleasure. Apple TV provides the apps to make any TV smart. Music in every room of your home is a cinch with Sonos and this talented wireless music system brings your home to life with your favourite tracks and playlists.

Our new easy to access smart home packages merge professional installation with the best of DIY smart home products. You get everything setup by an expert, a full walk through of the system and access to an exclusive customer support service should you need any assistance. We’ve made sure that all the technology installed is supported for updates and that the system is expandable, allowing you to easily add tech to your home when you want more smart light-bulbs or additional rooms with Sonos speakers.

The One Day Smart Home is available with a fixed price of £2,000 for our entry level Smart Home with Speed service. You can call 01508 528964 or email [email protected] to arrange a free survey for your Smart Home upgrade.

Customised are your local, CEDIA certified, home technology professionals.


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