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With years of experience under our belts, we’re quite used to people shying away from the
idea of independent financial advice. Lots of people think it’s only for the super-wealthy. Or
that it costs lots of money. Or that they’ll get bamboozled into “buying” something they
don’t need.
We’re here to bust those myths and give you 10 great reasons why getting professional
financial advice is a really sensible thing to do, no matter how much money you’ve got in
the bank.

10 great reasons to use an independent financial adviser

1) Good financial advice represents fantastic value for money.
OK, so we immediately have to caveat that statement with the fact that there are no
guarantees. BUT in the long run, good financial advice should always leave you significantly
better off than when you started. Yes, you will have to pay for most advice (although not
all), but it’ll be more than worth it.
This handy Unbiased report, based on real data from 2015, shows that the monetary
benefits of financial advice can outweigh the cost by nearly 6,000%! That’s pretty
2) It’ll save you a load of time.
Who has time these days to research and understand all the financial options available to
them? Let alone decide which is the best. And then fill in all the paperwork to get it sorted.
It’s tiring just thinking about it.
A financial adviser will take care of all that for you, saving you a lot of time and legwork.
3) It’ll give you significant peace of mind.
Lots of people worry about money. Fewer actually do something about it.
Financial advice is about much more than just stocks, shares and investments. If you knew
your savings, pension, life insurance, will and more, were all taken care of, it would be a
huge weight off your mind. It’s also reassuring to know that someone else will be keeping an
eye on everything to make sure you’re still getting the best deal. One less thing for you to
think about!
4) Your loved ones will be taken care of.
Very much related to the previous point, but worth a mention on its own. If you have loved
ones to think about, particularly a significant other or children, financial advice is a must.

You need to know that, should anything happen to you, your money is going to end up in
the right place. Investing in some estate planning can also significantly reduce any
inheritance tax liability, meaning your money stays in the family and isn’t siphoned off by
5) You’ll get access to more options.
Financial advisers will often have access to exclusive products that you couldn’t access
without them. So you could be missing a trick without their help. Just make sure you’re
talking to an independent financial adviser who can go out to the whole market.
6) You’ll get help you make the right decisions.
Sometimes all the options can seem very overwhelming. Trying to make the right decision
on your own can be very difficult. Especially if you don’t really understand it all. Financial
stuff can be complicated!
A good financial adviser will give you the whole picture, in such a way that you can
understand it. You can ask all the questions you need to feel confident that you have made
the right move for your financial future. This will help avoid buying an unsuitable product or
one which gives poor returns.
7) The advice is tailored to you.
There’s lots of fantastic financial advice available online these days through the likes of
Money Saving Expert. Whilst this is helpful, it’s not tailored to your specific set of
circumstances. When you get help from a good financial adviser, they will listen to your
particular requirements and recommend a solution specifically for you.
8) You can help you avoid making costly mistakes.
Making a wrong financial decision could cost you a lot of money. Depending on the numbers
involved, mistakes can also have an emotional cost – imagine the impact of losing your
house because you made a poor investment decision? Getting proper advice up front can
help avoid that situation.
9) You’ll have more protection if things go wrong.
If you feel you’ve been mis-advised, there is somewhere to go. The Financial Ombudsman
Service can award compensation. IF the poor decision was your own, sorry, you’ve got to
live with it!
10) There’s usually a free initial consultation.
Lots of financial advisers offer their first hour of consultation completely free. This will give
you the chance to ask a few questions, find out how they can help you and understand the
costs. You’ve got nothing to lose!

So, there you have it. A load of good reasons to give independent financial advice some
more thought.
But before you go, a couple of quick points. These benefits are based on using a good
independent financial adviser. Not all firms are created equal. Do your research. Check their
credentials. Get a recommendation. Try to find a firm that works with people like you. Some
do aim their services at people with significant sums in the bank. Others are happy to help
people from all walks of life.
If you have any questions about financial advice, feel free to give us a call on 01603 625100,
or visit ftof-finance.co.uk to find out more.

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