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The Example Marketing team

Here at Example Marketing and Web Design, we’ve pledged to plant 10,000 tress over the coming year in a move to become a more sustainable business. Here’s why…

The environment has been a topic close to my heart since I was very small. But as taking care of the planet becomes an increasingly urgent issue, I started thinking about what positive steps we could take as a business to help.

As a starting point, we registered with Offset Earth – a platform which allows businesses to make a positive impact on the climate by offsetting carbon and planting trees. This membership alone will see us plant 576 trees this year and remove 56 tonnes of CO2.

However, we thought they could do more.

Being based in a serviced office, there’s little we can do to change our electricity supplier for a green provider, for example, and we don’t consume much in the way of raw materials – apart from paper. We take care of printing business cards, brochures and the like for our clients. We already only use paper manufactured from sustainable, well-managed forests, and biodegradable laminates. But we wanted to do something significant to offset that consumption.

For the coming year, for every print order over £150, we will plant a further 50 trees via the Offset Earth scheme. We hope this will add up to a more sustainable business for us, but also for some of our customers who will know that they’re also doing their bit.

It may be a small step when you consider the mountain there is to climb to tackle climate change, but it definitely feels like a step in the right direction for us. 10,000 trees felt like a nice round number and we wanted to do something significant. So that’s our target – we will top up any deficit at the end of the year.

As a team, we’re aiming to join some local tree planting days to do some of the hard work ourselves – anyone in need of a helping hand with a tree planting project should give us a call!

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