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Norfolk Chilli Producer’s quest to spice up the UK with delicious chilli jams, sauces and peanuts.


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Based in Norfolk and owned by Mandi Prevedello, Miripiri Ltd is a small family run business specializing in chilli based jams, sauces and peanuts.

What does Miripiri mean?

Born in Zimbabwe, Mandi wanted her business to reflect her African roots and so decided to call it Miripiri which means ‘chilli’ in the Shona language (Shona is a bantu language native to the Shona people of Zimbabwe)



How did Miripiri come about?

Mandi was signed off work with severe depression in 2014.  Most of her recover y time was spent in her kitchen cooking and baking.  As a lover of hot and spicy food Mandi decided to create her own chilli sauce.  After lots of trial and error Piri Piri Zest was created.  Shortly after her first chilli jam, Plains of Africa, was created.  The reviews that Mandi received from her family and friends gave her the confidence to start selling her products which now consist

of 5 types of sauce, 4 types of jam and 4 types of peanuts.


the range

Product range

The current product:



Can be used as a marinade, during the cooking process or as a pouring sauce:


  • Piri Piri Zest – A delicious blend of lime and Bird’s Eye chillies.
  • Piri Piri Spice – A delicious medium heat sauce made with the Bird’s Eye Chillies which are native to Africa.
  • Tequila Sunset – A mouthwatering infusion of smoky chipotle and jalapeño chillies with hints of tequila and lime.
  • Cuban Infusion – A passionate blend of Habanero chilli peppers and pineapple with a hint of rum.
  • Fruits of Assam – A fiery and fruity Naga chilli sauce with mango.







Can be used as a condiment or glaze.  Delicious on bacon rolls!


  • Sunkissed Safari – Deliciously sweet, this is the perfect buy ventolin inhaler nz fusion of heat and flavor.
  • Zest of Zimbabwe – A delicious fruity flavor with subtle heat.
  • Plains of Africa – A smooth but sweet jam with a hint of heat.
  • Savanna Heatwave – Blended with extra heat for the more adventurous.




Eaten as a snack or added to any dish for extra “punch and crunch”


  • Jungle Nuts – Mouth watering mild piri piri nuts.
  • Zulu Nuts – Hot but tasty chilli nuts.
  • Voodoo Sting Nuts – One of the world’s hottest chillies (Trinidad Scorpion), leaving a heat like no other
  • Oh Carolina Nuts – The world’s hottest chillies (Carolina Reaper) a snack for the brave, or an act of madness?




All of Mandi’s products are authentic cultural infusions from around the world and each and every product has been created with love and passion.


Fully registered and insured and all products are / have:


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About Mandi

Mandi moved to the UK 13 years ago to start a new life with her two children, Darryn and Savannah.


An animal lover, she has two (crazy) Cocker Spaniels called Bella and Morgan.


Passionate about food she qualified in Culinary Arts in 2001 but, being a single mom, was unable to work split shifts and so forged a career in IT and Renewable Energy.


She enjoys arts and crafts and recently taught herself to Mosaic.  She is also very interested in Holistic Therapies.


To date Mandi has been self-funding the business and has managed to achieve quite a lot on the little savings that she had.  This includes a rebrand to ensure that her products are supermarket ready.  Mandi recently set up a Crowdfunder Page to help her raise funds to expand her business.  Please visit: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/miripiri-the-spice-of-life/? to pledge.  There are several awesome thank you rewards to choose from.

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