I just wanted to write a little piece to tell you about a wonderful new Norfolk venture Ketts Books.

Wymondham has always been the place go to for my husband and I, who’re real fans of old books, we will occasionally go and have a trawl through the charity shops and the wonderful second hand book shop there, but one place that we forgot to use was the book shop tucked away in a gorgeous little Whartons Court and it’s because of this forgetfulness and that of many others that the bookshop was in danger of closing down – that was, until a wonderful group of community minded people got together to take over the bookshop and keep it running. Spearheading the campaign is local writer Tracy Kenny, she’s a really super lady, I’ve attended a couple of her training courses and came away feeling inspired and who wouldn’t be inspired by a shop run entirely by volunteers working to keep their town thriving!

I popped into the shop last week to see Tracy and her colleague Mary a retired social worker who came to live in Norfolk to be closer to her family and who loves the town, together they were battling with broken shelves and re-designing the layout of the shop to maximise space, all very normal teething problems with any new venture but what struck me was how welcoming the shop is, with a big comfy sofa to sit on, you feel like they want you to stay and browse the books. Everyone who came in whilst I was there was greeted warmly and made to feel part of the shop and the community that comes with it, one lady signed up for a Friends card and got discount right away, so whilst she’s paid £20 to support the venture she gets discount on her purchased until 2015, a newsletter keeping her up to date with how the shop is going and an invite to social events in the shop, what could be better in a world where we often hardly know our neighbours than a community coming together to Buy Locally in Norfolk.

So my best wishes to Tracy and her team for the long term success of Kett Books – Sarah Ellis Director of Buy Local Norfolk



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