Danced my way into employment!

Before I start, to make clear, I am not a dancer!  One very symmetrical feature I do possess is two very left feet so let me explain.  I got this job from having a conversation with someone I met through a Modern Jive dance club! Simon describes himself as quite a typical Aussie, a laid back and warm hearted man who is endlessly patient, even with my terrible dancing!  At that point I was still recovering my confidence after years of terrible post-natal illness, I was a recovering agoraphobic who hadn’t worked for over 5 years! We talked about his business, where he wanted it to go in the future and how he was struggling to manage all the paperwork, bookings and marketing.  I wanted to get back to work so offered to help on a voluntary basis, so I could gain confidence and skills and take even a little of the pressure off him.  Simon took a while to think about it and a few weeks later, to my surprise and delight he offered me a part time job!

This morning it hit me, while I was driving to work, how excited I was to be driving to work!  So I’d like to introduce you to my job!  I do admin and marketing for a growing oven cleaning business, we deep clean the oven, get the muck out of the bits you see and don’t see, but there is more to it than that.  What I like about this job is the indirect and sometimes not so obvious mail order ventolin inhaler service we can offer to customers.  I like that we both have time for people, that when taking bookings I have the pleasure of chatting to some amazing people who have been kind enough to share moments of their life with me.  I like that I have spoken to elderly people who admit how much they look forward to Simon’s visits and how they drink tea together and chat while he works!  Some customers have had Simon caring for their oven for over 10 years, they have shared in Simon’s life, and remember when his Sons were born!   Busy professionals and parents who we help by freeing up their time, spent doing things they want and need to do rather than scrubbing on their hands and knees!

Aftercare is also something I enjoy, for example this month Simon is visiting a long standing customer, an elderly lady, not to clean her oven but to see if he can fix the seal on her cooker.  In the summer I am looking forward to calling a lady who is in her 90’s, not to sell her anything but purely to wish her a happy birthday!  I feel so lucky and so blessed to have this job and I am enthused by the business ethos and caring ethics.  I am in a position I never thought I would be in, working and loving my role in helping something I believe in grow!  It is amazing – I literally danced my way into my dream job!

Vicky – Anglia Ovencare


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