An Old Norvicensian

#NFNDuck at #PullsFerry

Well, this takes me back. As an Old Norvicensian, I look back at my days in this beautiful City, with great memories and pride. Being educated in the shadow of such magnificence is inspiring and so close to the river too. I spent many hours sitting down here, reading, writing and watching the hustle & bustle of the river. Water has always been an important part of my life and to be able to hear, smell and feel it, well, what more could I ask?

When I was here, this place was the ferryman’s house and where the little boat went across the river but there wasn’t much on the other side in those days. The river was a very busy place as it was the main highway to Yarmouth, so, if I could sneak away from the masters, I often buy ventolin inhaler uk hopped on board a passing Wherry, for a day out to smell the salt air. Those Wherry-Men were used to seeing me and they must have known that I was a fellow sailor. I wonder if they had a few pints, telling of the times the took me down the river after I became famous……

This place is famous now as Pull’s Ferry but in my day it was called Sandling’s Ferry and the river used to connect right up to the Cathedral. It was by this little channel, that they transported the stone to build it up to the site from Normandy. You modern people forget just how important water transport was to us!

I can’t wait to get on the water again, in fact, I’m now off for a quick dabble, so you’ll have to excuse me………………..

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