ADEPT-1-LOGO-RGBFor any successful business it is essential to keep the IT running smoothly and your computer is probably the most important piece of equipment. Not keeping up to date with computer maintenance can cause serious disruption to a business including reduced productivity and poor client service. Here are some simple tips from Adept IT Solutions to help protect your business IT.


Viruses and malware can infect your computers from emails, the internet as well as USB’s, DVD’s and CD’s. It is critical that you install an effective anti-virus program which you should keep up to date and always look out for any alerts reminding you to update. Windows operating systems have in-built firewalls and you should make sure that it is enabled or install firewall software.

A good basic free anti-virus for home and small business use (up to 12 computers) is Microsoft Security Essentials. If you are looking for something more comprehensive we can provide advice on which software meets your needs, and we are resellers for ESET who provide award winning security software.


If you lose any files without a backup it can cause a lot of stress and waste a lot of valuable time. It is easy to backup to an external hard-drive or the cloud and Windows can be configured to do this automatically.

Update your operating system

If you want to keep your computers running smoothly make sure they are running up to date operating systems. If you ensure that Windows Update is turned on this will automatically update your computer with the latest security and other essential buy ventolin salbutamol inhaler updates. Most updates will load automatically but sometimes you will get an alert in the task bar, which you will need to click. You should check for updates about once a week.

Install essential software

Before you install software think about whether your business needs it. Installing software on your computer will take up space on your hard drive, which will eventually slow down your computer. Some programs such as instant messaging, peer to peer file sharing and games can take up a considerable amount of bandwidth and those that are web based or web enabled can be used to spread malware.

Remove non-essential applications which take up valuable hard drive space and can easily be removed via the “Add/Remove” programs option in your control panel. Beware of computers bought from large retailers that may appear to be great value but often contain software that you don’t need which decreases speed and efficiency.

Defragment your hard drive

Files are not saved in any particular order on a hard drive and as a result data becomes scattered and becomes slower to access. You should defragment your hard drive monthly which will help keep things running as quickly as possible.

Clean your computer

To ensure your computer runs smoothly don’t cover air vents and vacuum every few months. The cooling fan can collect a lot of dust and if this fails it can cause critical damage to key parts in the computer through overheating, which can cause the computer to stop working altogether.

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