6 Benefits of Managed IT Support Services

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It’s an accepted fact of the 21st century that businesses need IT. Businesses large and small rely on computers and whether we like it or not, they have become an essential part of business. As we depend so heavily on IT, any disruption in our service can be at the least hugely inconvenient and at the most extremely costly.

Managed IT support offers a pro-active service, detecting problems before they become an issue.

Click on ‘more’ to find out why they’re a great choice for any business:

1. Much Less Downtime
With managed services, we’ll take all necessary steps to ensure that you’re working with the most appropriate software and hardware to keep your business running smoothly.

2. Expert Advice in all areas of IT
We know what we’re doing; it’s our job to stay up to date with the latest technology and updates in all areas of IT and then relay this on to our customers. When you directly employ someone for IT, their training is your responsibility.

3. Pro-active Service
We’ll monitor your systems remotely 24/7, and we can usually identify and resolve an issue before it affects your business, or more importantly, your revenue.

4. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
We’ll ensure that your business is backed up and so that in the event of a serious purchase ventolin outage, we can get you back up and running again as soon as possible (often within minutes). There are also automated failover systems available to avoid downtime altogether.

5. Future-Proofed IT
We’ll update your software and systems as necessary to keep your IT running efficiently, at times that suit your business which often means outside of your business hours, so you’re ahead of the game without even knowing it.

6. Instant Access to an IT professional
If you have any IT requests or questions, we’re here when you need us. Unlike in-house IT support, we cover our own holiday so there’s always someone to help.

It’s so easy to take IT for granted, but when something goes wrong it’s at the top of your business agenda. Adding managed IT support to your business core is a brilliant way to avoid any major disruptions, and save yourself time and money.

S2 Computers are a leading provider of IT support in Norwich and we can offer a managed IT service tailored to your business needs and budget. If you’re interested, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat to you about how we can keep your business moving forward.

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