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Yes, I’m a bit lazy about this, but….

Do you know what? A lot of the time I’m lazy when it comes to writing content. There’s just too much to do every day and when it comes to my own business I often don’t spend as much time on it as I should. But there are certain times when you hit a deadline…

Connections: In business and in life they are important!

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With the rise and changes to social media activities in recent years, the importance of connections to promote your business have become increasingly important. Whilst online connections are key, the most powerful are those offline, face to face, as these are people that become your tribe and fans and follow what you do on a…

The Lowdown on GDPR Are You Ready?

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The Lowdown on GDPR Are You Ready? There’s a big change coming in May. And if your business isn’t ready, you could find yourself in big trouble. Data protection laws throughout Europe are receiving an overhaul; the likes of which haven’t been seen for two decades. It’s taken over four years of planning and negotiations,…
Should you cash in your final salary pension

Should you cash in your final salary pension?

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Have you got a final salary pension? If you do, you should consider yourself very lucky! So why is it that lots of people have been rushing to cash them in? What is a final salary pension A final salary, or defined benefit, pension pays a guaranteed retirement income for life, based on how much…