Tips and tricks you can use for computing on Windows 10

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Tips and tricks you can use for computing on Windows 10

Tips and tricks you can use for computing on Windows 10

Windows V

If you do a lot of work that involves copy and pasting, this might be for you. This little trick will allow you
to have more than one thing copied to your clipboard when you highlight a bit of text and press Ctrl C
then Ctrl V. Press the start button – or Windows logo – located at the bottom left of your screen, go to
settings and then go to system. Once there you can head to the clipboard tab, and click to check the
clipboard history. Once that is activated, you can copy a multitude of different items, then hit the
Windows key on your PC plus V and it will bring up all the items you currently have on your clipboard.

Start-up Programs

If you are experiencing a slow boot-up time on your PC, it might be due to the number of things starting
up at once on your PC. To remedy this, you can either right-click on your taskbar and select Task Manager,
or press Ctrl+Alt+Del and you can enter your Task Manager there. Once there you can click on the tab
Startup and see all the different applications that you have launching. Next to each one, it will tell you
what kind of impact this has on your start up. By right-clicking them, you can disable ones that have a
high impact time, which can help your PC boot-up a bit faster.

Dark mode/Light mode

Some people don’t like a white background with black text, as it can sometimes produce a bright light that
hurts your eyes. There is a way to turn your PC on in dark mode, allowing for a black background with
white text. To do this in Windows 10, click the start button (Windows logo) in the bottom left of your
screen and load up your settings. Head into personalisation and then colours. From there, you can turn it
from light mode into dark mode – or even change it to different colours that you might want instead!

Snipping Tool

If you need to take a screenshot of something specific on your PC, there is a way to do this to ensure you
only capture the relevant information. Go to the little search bar at the bottom left of your screen and type
in Snipping Tool. Open that, press New, and click and drag a box over the information you want to send. It
will take a screenshot of the information, and you can either save it or just copy and paste to send.

There are lots of ways you can improve your experience on Windows! I’ve given just four examples, but
there are many more. I hope this has shown you something you might not have known!

– Tom Scott

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